Radio from Shadoe Stevens

Wide Screen Cinematic Radio

Created by ShadoeVision Worldwide, it's an enhanced, audio, 3D landscape, elevating the listening experience in ordinary speakers


The juxtaposition of high-energy music, audio bits, conflicting noises, rock samples, and left over debris, creating a stimulating altered state and peak experience words cannot describe. It must be experienced. 

An Artist since the age of 7, an Art Major at the University of North Dakota and the University of Arizona, and a student at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, Shadoe has been creating art throughout his career. He is an artist, writer, producer, actor, motivational speaker, announcer, and award winning radio personality and says it's due to an overactive adrenal gland and chemical imbalance..  See the full resume on the bio page above.

About Shadoe Stevens